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Strategy Execution Delivers Sustainable Revenue Growth at Texas Instruments

Wednesday, February 01, 2012 | Category :

Discover the Bottom-line: Did the Program Accelerate Strategy Execution and Deliver Results?

By Dan Parisi

Texas Instruments (TI), a leading U.S. semiconductor and computer technology company, was facing the ultimate business challenge. The company was losing market share in its most important market segments. The downward trend was undeniable. TI’s customers were consciously and systematically making a decision to use a competitor’s products. To recapture the market, TI made a bold strategic shift and partnered with BTS to ensure successful strategy execution.

In the latest BTS video, Jeff McCreary from TI discusses how partnering with BTS helped the company accelerate strategy execution and achieve significantly better business results. Discover the details of the partnership.

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About the Author: Dan Parisi is an Executive Vice President at BTS.

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  1. 2 MOTTUS 11 Feb
    You are right that all setatrgy needs to cascade from the top where the tactics of a higher level need a setatrgy to tackle it for the next level down. That setatrgy needs tactics to execute … and so on down the chain. I would disagree with VP of setatrgy comment. Your comments maybe true over the long term, the reality is strategic perspective, critical questioning, and the ability to step outside the daily challenges creates the opportunity for breakthrough insight. That lead setatrgy role needs to keep changing – possibly even contracted (hence an industry of consultants). At the same time, ideally, organizations should provide both the challenge and latitude for folks in the org to be strategic.
  2. 1 Hadden 23 Sep
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