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With our state-of-the-art assessment centers, BTS Assessment Services can help you determine the right level of resources, knowledge and skills necessary to drive your company to its goals.

Putting the appropriate talent in place is critical, yet challenging when faced with a limited resource pool and a highly competitive labor market. Focused and relevant talent selection and development, from individual contributors to high potential leaders, will bring your execution capacity to the right level with an optimized use of resources. BTS Assessment centers and services provide targeted approaches to precisely identify talent and capability gaps.

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  • Assessments Perform Better than Cognitive Tests

    Cognitive ability tests and assessment centers have been used in the selection space for many years. However, new research points to the fact that assessment centers have a distinct edge over cognitive ability tests for selection purposes.
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  • Micro-Surveys: Moving Performance Management from Good to Great

    It is a well-established fact that the traditional performance management process and 360 surveys do not work as well as they could. So what should we do? How about this: an innovative, digitized new solution for gathering and supplying feedback to address your assessment and leadership development needs.
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  • Video Communication Becoming More Popular

    Video has become one of the most popular forms of workplace communication - so why shouldn't it play a role in your assessment and talent acquisition process as well? The advantages of using video are numerous, for both assessor and candidate.
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