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Enterprise Development Solutions

Avocado Vision’s enterprise development division is committed to giving grassroots communities the skills to support themselves and their families in a sustainable manner, through the provision of programmes that educate on business and basic life-skills like financial literacy and sustainable gardening.

We use picture-based learning so as to ensure we can reach those who don’t have basic literacy as we believe that they still have the skills to build micro-enterprises which will enable them to build sustainable incomes. Our financial literacy classes are innovatively funded by corporate South Africa and cost as little as R200 per person per day.

We are proud to operate projects in various sectors with multiple partners to enhance the ability of micro enterprises to contribute sustainably to the sector they participate in, with innovative, practical solutions to micro enterprise sustainability.

Building community-based training micro enterprises

 Peer Education Model

Delivering high impact, wide reach at low cost

Economic restructuring and poverty alleviation are a priority within South Africa. Avo is committed to developing, rolling out and supporting a sustainable network of community-based training micro-enterprises, delivering essential skills to the communities which need it most, on behalf of clients who are invested in facilitating change that matters.

Our innovative bottom-of-the-pyramid delivery model has established us as the South African leader in building sustainable small training businesses nationwide. We use local trainers and partners: recruiting, training and sustaining resourceful, enthusiastic, self-driven individuals to operate as self-employed micro-enterprise training companies delivering peer-training in their communities. Providing comprehensive mentorship and support - along with intensive training in Life Skills content - and input on how to deliver it. We equip trainers with skills to run their small business.

Over the past decade, Avo has been consistently setting up new Training micro enterprises to deliver to our large scale Consumer Financial Education projects, and are proud to say that we have set up over 100 micro enterprises in that time. Many of our training partners are now also working for other CFE training companies across the industry, and are also sought after in the NGO world for other, non-financial skills training programme. We are pleased to be able to be adding to the professional standards of community education in South Africa with our solid trainer set up process.

The diagram below shows a simple overview of the process we follow to set up and incubate our training suppliers:

Trainer Incubation


We recruit carefully, selecting our partners for various attributes: a strong communication ability, a problem solving approach to work (they operate very independently in all parts of South Africa, so need to be very self-sufficient, and they have a passion for making a difference and impacting people’s lives. It’s also important to select for people with strong local networks - they need to do a lot of community mobilisation and stakeholder engagement in order to recruit the participants that attend their programmes.


The Bootcamp sets our partners up for success. It runs for approximately 10 days, and covers all the content and technical skills needed to run an effective training company, buinsess skills, professional behaviour and branding, and teaching them the systems, operational and reporting processes needed to become reliable suppliers, delivering the level of training quality, reporting and customer service that is required for the work we do.

Picture-based Learning

Our Picture Based learning content speaks to all languages and literacy levels, overcoming one of the key challenges in community education in South Africa. Training partners are trained in English, but deliver their programmes in their own local communities in whatever local languages are required.


Mentoring & Coaching

At the Bootcamp, we cover the basic business skills needed to get started as a training partner supplier of Avo. But we find that the business owners need time to orientate themselves to the actual business of business, so we have a mentoring team that supports their growth for at least 3 years, helping them overcome initial challenges to participant recruitment and other start-up challenges, moving to coaching on getting the administration up to a professional and business-fit standard, and then moving them to be thinking about building additional revenue streams to reduce their dependence on Avo, their first Anchor client.

Training Partners

Training partners operate very independently locally - they recruit their own community participants to the programmes, being well networked within the communities they serve. They barter free venues, and provide catering for their participants daily.


Field Operations

We manage field logistics as digitally as we can. Our field management system, The Social Collective, allows each Training partner to manage their business from any mobile device. It also makes our reporting more seamless than paper-based systems of the past. We are in the process of equipping each training partner with electronic devices to make their access even more seamless.

The Avo Training partner Incubation hub has produced over 100 small enterprises over the past 8 years. Over 80% of those still survive today, and they experience monthly turnovers of between R2500 and R30 000 from our company as their anchor client, and source more work from other companies at the same time. Our high success rate is due to the fact that we are very careful with our selection process, our setup and training sign-off process is very rigorous, and, being the first Anchor Client to these companies means that they have income from the get-go that they can live off while they grow their companies.

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Avocado Vision is proud to be a BEE Level 2 Value Added Supplier and is fully accredited with ETDP SETA.

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