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Tuesday, November 15, 2016 | Category :
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Varsity is great isn’t it? The endless rounds of lectures, afternoons of intelligent discourse while lounging on the rolling green hills, or even nights filled with the friendly banter of your wine or diving clubs. It’s a fun time, with the emphasis being… time. Varsity is many things, primarily though, it’s time consuming.

Of course once you have left varsity and ventured into the corporate world, time takes on a whole new dimension. It’s a little like venturing into Alice’s Wonderland. You aren’t sure where time goes, all you know is that you never have enough! Between the meetings, the tele-conferences and the endless void that is email, how on earth are you supposed to squeeze in the time for training, learning or reading? But, many argue, these are the very things that you can least afford to ignore, or push to the ‘I’d like to, but in reality it will never actually happen’ list. Seldom is training a crises-type issue which takes precedence over all other activities.

Human Resources teams have repeatedly told us at Avocado Vision, that over and above the issue of time investment is the issue of esoteric outcomes. What this means, essentially, is that HR, line management and even the candidate are promised exciting, heaven-sent outcomes when in fact the reality of the learning take-aways, falls drastically short.

With all these issues accumulating, it’s no surprise that business is looking for a better way to grow and enrich their teams. Training and developing the members of your staff is not optional. Every organisation has a responsibility to grow their teams, but they need to do so in such a way that their business is complemented, not compromised.

Avocado Vision believes wholeheartedly that the answer lies in short format, outcomes based training. If this sounds like the shlock of late night TV infomercials, hang in there. There are legitimate reasons for us supporting this monumental shift in corporate thinking.

Firstly the shorter format (generally less than two hours) allows for less time out of the office, resulting in a marked difference to actual cost of training. In addition research has shown (thanks MIT!), that we learn better when we study or are taught, for short bursts of time, and we retain the information for a much longer period, increasing the value of the training rand spent.

Smaller time blocks also mean that your trainer has a much more focussed teaching approach and the good ones will commit to getting across just a few key points in each session. How many times have you gone or been sent on training and walked away going “well that was nice, but it wasn’t what I expected”. Or the times when you loved maybe 50% of the training and the rest didn’t apply to you? With this kind of time block training you know exactly what it is you will be taught before you even sign up!

So a quick recap;

  • This format allows for a smaller investment of time
  • More value obtained from the training rand spent
  • Lower cost for training
  • More objective and outcomes based.

It sounds like a win to us from everyone’s perspective!

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