What We Do

Since 1996, Avocado Vision has been developing and delivering customised, practical and engaging learning solutions that not only facilitate personal growth but also support corporate and social objectives. Our learning solutions are designed to ensure a foundation of understanding, and a launch-pad to better decision-making and life skills. We specialise in situations where people with diverse ranges of literacy, language and contexts.

Avo prides itself on its ability to reach people in all sorts of contexts: Urban, rural, formal and informal, and to deliver social projects at significant scale and with a national reach, using micro enterprises to deliver training programmes in local communities.

We think of the people we reach in 3 different contexts:

  • Those we find in Communities across South Africa, in urban, peri-urban and rural contexts
  • Lower income Employees in worksites
  • Micro enterprises in urban, peri-urban and rural contexts

Community Training

Financial literacy and other enabling life skills delivered in urban and rural communities countrywide. Innovative bottom-of-the-pyramid delivery methods include embedded trainers growing micro-enterprise training companies and delivering picture-based learning content in local languages. Pricing in this channel is very compelling, enabling corporate organisations to reach many more people for available budgets, thereby increasing impact and reach. Our Avo Design Shop can build your personalised learning journey. Find out more.


Work Site Training

This training focuses of financial literacy education programmes, other life skills programmes and internal change programmes delivered to lower-income workers in corporate and government orgnisations.  Programmes are typically free of written text, language-neutral, and delivered in the local vernacular.  We use world class picture-based learning materials in order to level the playing fields on literacy and language obstacles to maintain high-impact learning. Find out more.

Enterprise Development

Practical and basic money-management and business decision-making skills delivered to micro-enterprises in communities across South Africa. This ensures empowerment, sustainability and effective delivery at the bottom of the pyramid. Our team specialises in working with low turnover, survivalist businesses to strengthen their business acumen, fitness to do business, and mindset to foster a more creative growth and sustainability approach for business owners to foster stronger levels of sustainability and increase reliable job creation in micro businesses. Find out more.

Enterprise Development

Design Shop

This is where you come when you want to communicate messages or deliver skills to communities. When you need help in translating the raw data into meaningful content that works in diverse African contexts. It’s like an outsourced do-it-yourself! A team of learning designers, with many years of experience in designing programmes for low income people with potential literacy and language challenges, construct learning programmes from scratch: - you bring the content, we turn it into learning programmes that take your target markets to new levels of capability.


Avocado Vision is proud to be a BEE Level 2 Value Added Supplier and is fully accredited with ETDP SETA.

Tel: +27 (0)11 614 0206

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