Who We Are

Avocado Vision is a social enterprise that is committed to giving grassroots communities the skills to support themselves and their families in a sustainable manner, through the provision of programmes that educate on food garden creation to financial literacy skills to setting up a sustainable micro-enterprises in communities in both rural and urban contexts. Innovative bottom-of-the-pyramid delivery methods include embedded trainers growing micro-enterprise training companies and delivering picture-based learning content in local languages.

We are proud to operate projects in various sectors with multiple partners to enhance the ability of micro enterprises to contribute sustainably to the sector they participate in, with innovative, practical solutions to micro enterprise sustainability.

Our Purpose

“Building and delivering training solutions that empower people with skills and insight to make better choices and live bigger lives. Being brave enough to take on the challenges at a scale that makes a significant impact in SA and beyond.”

What sets us apart

  • A unique business model that achieves cost efficiencies through economies of scale
  • Peer trainers who are embedded in communities
  • A geographical spread that provides us with access to previously inaccessible  communities in remote areas
  • Fit-for-purpose content with simulation and picture based learning technology that can be facilitated with any targeted group of people, regardless of their language, education or level of literacy
  • World-class digital technology that allows us to track and monitor training events as they happen in the field

Our Divisions

3 Divisions


Avocado Vision is proud to be a BEE Level 2 Value Added Supplier and is fully accredited with ETDP SETA.

Tel: +27 (0)11 614 0206

Avocado Vision is a BTS company. BTS is a public company traded at the OMX Nordic Exchange Stockholm under the symbol BTS
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