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Stepping Out of the Box and into an Innovation Mindset at Nokia

Marco Rosetti and Nokia Team
May, 2019

Our goal was to train our research and development engineers in the critical capacity of their work modalities. We know that learning is easier if you replicate something that is known; but we also know that if you are inside a box, you have to step out of it to look with fresh eyes.

BTS provided those fresh eyes. We partnered with BTS because we wanted to give our engineers a series of opportunities within their vertical technical profiles, but also opportunities that would widen their interests and create a new vision for specific activities.

We are convinced that stimulation drives innovation. The positive effects of stimulation are expressed in the lives of the professionals who have been exposed to the possibilities of a new future.

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When this happens across the company, Nokia develops a competitive advantage. This new way of thinking is a tool for the company, added to existing tools such as university partnerships, benchmarking with other companies, and involvement industry conferences and collaborations.

We designed this program not only with BTS, but with the Nokia managers responsible for the engineers who would be attending the program. Everyone aligned as we worked together, and this ensured success.

As a company, we expect tangible results, and the results of Innovation Readiness were stunning. The project joined together people who didn’t know one another with passion and energy and fueled the key project output of creative capacity. With the training, the engineers were able to express "out of the box" thinking using the tools they already had available.

This led to building out a solution on our site at Vimercate (Milan). The project sponsor was able to cross organizational barriers, so the project has received a lot of visibility among top management of the company.

The first project (Innovation Readiness) generated new opportunities to work together with BTS.

In the second project (Innovation Mindset and Machine Learning), we have continued to innovate by exploring new ways to exploit artificial intelligence technologies.

We have learned to innovate in the way we work, we have created efficiency, and we have created value.

We have generated enthusiasm: People understand that Nokia wants to make them think in a new way.

We have created engagement: With the right cultural climate, integration, at which we often failed using structured processes over decades, is achievable.

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