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Micro Enterprise Development

February, 2020

We are excited by the partnerships, vision and potential economic impact this uMastandi programme can have on the South African economy in building small business at the bottom of the pyramid. It’s potential scalability and wide reach across both Urban and Rural communities can

  • Increase self-employment and create 1-3 services jobs per small rental business created
  • Increase local economic activity and spawn other small local businesses
  • Impact the housing crisis by providing affordable quality housing stock into the low income market
  • Building home ownership acumen to support low income households in capturing the value of the family wealth inherent in the Government Subsidy programme, and help them learn how to increase that family and generational wealth over time by leveraging their assets sustainably.
  • Avocado Vision supports the uMastandi programme by building business acumen and decision-making skills in prospective landlords through world class simulation technology from BTS.

Micro Property developers are building

  • 1206 potential micro property developers have attended our uMastandi business simulation learning programme in 2018 and 2019
  • Many are currently in various stages of loan application and engagement process
  • 5 are in the Construction Phase


  • Sthembiso employed 1 person per day and made 1 bag of charcoal per day using invasive alien trees
  • Clearing alien invasive trees is critical in these climate – vulnerable areas as the trees are invading grazing lands and consuming so much water that the rivers are drying up, seriously impacting food and water security

After: Avocado Vision’s year-long business education programme

  • Sthebiso attended the Avocado Vision Clear to Grow business development programme
  • Sthembiso now employs a team full time, and delivers 50 bags per week into local retail charcoal markets
  • Many alien trees are being eradicated, grazing land is being opened up, water is being freed up into the local river systems


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