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New Pilot: Orange Juice Shop Program in Zambia

October, 2015

The Micro Business Game: Getting to Know Your Numbers

The Micro Business Game is a simulation used by SBFIC project partners in twelve countries, including the Philippines, Ghana, Uzbekistan, Mexico, and Zambia, which teaches people how to run a small business. The solution is deployed in local languages to ensure relevance and success. As of October 2015, the program reached over 10,000 participants. Due to the success of the program, BTS recently certified 40 new facilitators after their completion of a three-week long training program.



Pilot Program in Zambia

In the summer of 2015, BTS piloted the SBFIC Orange Juice Shop Program in Zambia for a group of 200 participants (65% female, 35% male). The program focused on five key categories: record keeping, employment of staff, banking, investments, and separation of family and business accounts. The results of the program showed a significant, measurable impact. Those keeping records increased from 65% to 92% after the program, and the number of men and women separating their business and family finances increased by 30% . Additionally, the number of participants employing at least one staff member increased to more than 80% in all the five industries or businesses listed. These outstanding numbers highlight the program’s direct impact and are representative of its overall effectiveness.

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