BTS Partners with Rainforest Trust

October, 2015

Rainforests are one of the planets’ largest carbon sinks and are being destroyed at an alarming rate. In partnership with Rainforest Trust, BTS is helping establish Las Tangaras Nature Reserve in Colombia. This reserve is one of the most vital rainforest sites on earth, and is home to a high concentration of biodiversity.

In addition to safeguarding the habitat and exotic species, Las Tangaras Nature Reserve will also protect the watershed of the Rio Atrato which serves as a vital economic resource for tens of thousands of inhabitants living in poor rural communities.

BTS USA made its first donation to Rainforest Trust in 2010, acquiring 100 acres of rainforest. Rainforest Trust was selected for its operational efficiency and strong record of land protection. These first acres allowed for the creation of Las Tangaras Reserve. Since 2010, BTS has acquired 100 acres of Las Tangaras rainforest annually. More recently, El Jaguar Reserve was included as part of BTS’ efforts to prevent carbon release from tropical deforestation.

“Partnering with BTS has been vital for achieving the goal of building one of the most vitally-needed rainforest corridors and protected areas for wildlife in South America,” says Dr. Paul Salaman, Director of Conservation at Rainforest Trust-US.

Read more about BTS' work with Rainforest Trust.

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