BTS & Rainforest Trust: #SkipToSave 20 Million by 2020

October, 2015

BTS Sponsors Rainforest Trust #SkipToSave campaign

As part of company-wide efforts to promote sustainability, BTS sponsored the Rainforest Trust’s #SkipToSave campaign in August. With the help of BTS, starting on August 20th at 12:00 EDT, the Rainforest Trust launched a campaign to protect an acre of rainforest for every use of the #SkipToSave hashtag on Twitter.

How did it work?

Every person who chose to participate in the #SkipToSave campaign picked a daily activity that they could do without – that second latte, the cab ride to a restaurant within walking distance – and then shared what they skipped on Twitter using #SkipToSave. Every time somebody used #SkipToSave, an acre in Lomami, Democratic Republic of Congo was protected in their honor.

Campaign Results

This campaign was extraordinarily successful, surpassing the initial goal by 266%. The campaign reached 2,271,889 people on social media. As a result, 2,043,563 acres in the Congo were protected. Learn more here.

"Rainforest Trust collaborates with conservation partners around the planet with the goal of protecting a total of 20 million acres by 2020. The 2020 Initiative will strategically protect some of the most threatened tropical environments by creating and expanding protected areas. These areas provide a lifeline to critically endangered species while helping to sustain imperiled ecosystems."

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