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May, 2016

BTS Stockholm recently added some new members to its office: custom bicycles. Not only will these bicycles allow BTSers to get around town for sales meetings, lunches, and other engagements in a cheap, quick, and environmentally-friendly manner, but the bicycles also tie into BTS' greater commitment to social impact. Made by Vélosophy, these bicycles have a one-for-one promise. For each bike sold, one is donated to a schoolgirl in a developing country through a partnership with UNICEF and World Bicycle Relief.

Anna Sandberg, Vice President at BTS, says, “When we learned about Vélosophy we immediately thought it would be a great idea to get a few bikes for our office. Not only did we like the idea of providing an easy, environmentally friendly and healthy way for our employees to get around town. We also wanted to make sure they advertised BTS, so we branded them with BTS colors. But it was more than that - these bikes serve a higher purpose with their one-for-one promise. We learned that the need for bikes in developing countries is significant. A bike for a young girl can mean the difference between going to school or not, which in turn is a key enabler in reducing poverty. For these reasons these bikes strongly resonated with our BTS values and One-for-One mission!"

Indeed, it has been found that providing a girl with a bicycle will increase her presence in school by close to 30%, and her results in school by as much as 60%. For more information on the power of bicycles in supporting education and reducing poverty, watch the video below.

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