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Tuesday, September 15, 2015 | Category :
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Posted by Rommin Adl, EVP, Global Marketing, Dan Parisi, EVP, & Hannah Reeve, Marketing Associate

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BTS logo transition (00000003)
BTS has changed a lot over the last 30 years since we were founded in Stockholm, Sweden – from the depth and breadth of our service offering to our brand identity. Today, we are launching our new brand to reflect those changes and the unique value that we bring to our clients.

So, why now? When we were founded, our sole focus was on helping our clients implement strategy and build the business acumen of their leaders using customized business simulations. As we have grown and evolved, we have expanded our offerings to support our clients’ end-to-end strategy execution and talent development needs.

From assessment centers for talent selection and development to strategy alignment and execution initiatives, and from business acumen, leadership and sales training programs to on-the-job business simulations and application tools, we are with you every step of the way. We leverage state-of-the-art techniques and processes: business simulations, experiential learning tools, our Define, Assess, Experience and Execute Great Framework, the digitally enabled Pulse™ platform, and more.

People interact with BTS in live classroom and conference settings as well as through virtual and self-paced online applications across a wide variety of platforms, apps and devices. Our experiences create a lasting impact on our clients and participants that in turn deeply influences their business.

Today, we are pleased to introduce our new logo, tagline and visual identity, which demonstrate the BTS magic that you can expect to help drive your organization into the future.

Our new logo maintains the iconic BTS delta, signifying the change and transformation we bring to clients, but does so in a modernized, fresh way.

The three discs represent the three pillars of effective strategy execution – alignment, mindset and capability – and show the dynamic, lively nature of our work. The color gradation within the discs represents the growth that we bring about in people and organizations. These discs can be moved around, embodying the flexibility and high degree of customization that we offer to meet our clients’ needs. The vibrant BTS red shows the personal, fun and energetic personality that our consultants bring to every engagement. The logo represents us, but it also demonstrates how we are working for you.

This emphasis on you is also the essence of our new tagline, “Strategy made personal.” At BTS, we focus on the people side of strategy. We constantly aspire to embody this tagline by furthering the ways in which we can create powerful experiences that impact each and every one of our participants on a personal level, every day.This language demystifies the often complex nature of and abstract concepts behind our work, breaking them down to a personal level that emphasizes our core beliefs.

As we continue to evolve as an organization and deliver even more value to our clients we will undoubtedly update our brand again. However, we think the new brand we are launching is a great reflection of our personality, the ease of working with us, and the tremendous value we deliver to our clients. It is a reflection of our leadership and all of the ways BTS works with you to meet your strategy execution and talent development needs.

You will see the new design integrated into all our client solutions in the near future. We hope you like it!


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