Do Front-Line Leaders Have What it Takes to Execute the Company Strategy?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 | Category :

By Tim Blakesly

To thrive in today’s agile business environment, leadership development is essential to the success of any organization. No matter what measure you use, companies with effective leaders better execute and deliver more powerful, tangible business results. According to research, high-performing organizations who strategically and consistently invest in their leaders have “generated nearly 60 percent improved business growth, reported a 66 percent improvement in bench strength, and showed a 62 percent improvement in employee retention.” 1

As the largest population in nearly every organization, front-line leaders are critical to the success of strategy execution. Front-line leaders, along with their direct reports, either directly or indirectly touch every single client/customer in an organization. By guiding and inspiring others to connect with the organization’s strategy and business initiatives, frontline leaders drive results. The best frontline leaders can improve employee performance by 25 percent, employee engagement by 52 percent and employee retention by 40 percent, according to a Corporate Leadership Council study. However, the research indicates that this critical population is underserved in proportion to their professional development.

In the latest video, Tim Blakesly, Managing Director of the BTS Global Leadership and Management Practice, discusses the critical role front-line leaders play in enabling successful strategy execution.

1 Bersin; Associates, High-Impact Leadership Development for the 21st Century, 2011.

About the Author: Tim Blakesly is the Managing Director of the Global Leadership and Management Practice at BTS.


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