Goodbye to PowerPoint Slide Fests: Transform Your Off-Site Through Digital

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The company has launched a new strategic initiative. The company’s most senior executives gather for the annual leadership off-site. The large-scale event is intended to engage the organization in the future direction, create shared ownership and accelerate execution. In today’s pace of business, most often you only have one chance to get it right.


How would you engage your company’s most senior executives to ensure impact? How do you make the off-site experience transformative? How do you motivate leaders to personally connect to company strategy, and to assume ownership of its success? For today’s audiences, traditional methods—polished speeches, accompanying PowerPoint slides, and passive audiences—are no longer effective.

Strategy Alignment Gets Digital.

Digital media is now as prevalent in our work experience as in our personal lives. Technology is blurring the lines between physical and digital, bringing a wake of change. Driven by social networking, virtual collaboration and crowdsourcing, new work styles are emerging and workforce expectations are shifting.

Adapting to this environment, companies must break old habits, engage employees in new ways, or risk being at a competitive disadvantage. The enduring belief that a speech-driven leadership event will drive strategy alignment and change behavior is unwise. Change in information does not necessarily equal change in behavior. While some new information may be absorbed, very little will stick, and without a sense of ownership from senior leaders, execution after the event will ultimately stall.

Today’s technology and media platforms provide new opportunities allowing companies to accelerate the pace of strategy alignment and talent development by engaging employees at scale in more effective ways. The leading companies leveraging digital solutions are achieving the results they need, faster.

Inspire. Engage. Mobilize.

With our digital service capabilities and expertise in experiential learning, BTS has developed an innovative process to engage large groups of leaders and enable participation throughout a large leadership event. Through this approach, meetings become transformational, not just informational.

A digitally-enabled event transforms passive attendees to active participants. Interacting with technology throughout the experience, leaders are able to engage in a discussion, respond, and collaborate around the path forward. Leaders are no longer just one in a crowd, briefed on how to implement executive management’s strategy. Instead, they are actively involved and challenged to formulate and articulate their own thoughts. Empowered to design the changes to come, leaders leave the event feeling, that together as a group, they created the path forward.

As a company, the two-way dialogue generates valuable content that can be used after the experience, liberates the motivation to execute, and creates alignment, critical as leaders cascade the strategy through the organization.

Stop relying on your PowerPoint slides and allow your audience to participate, collaborate and generate content. Producing, sharing and rating content—from value statements to action plans—leaders are engaged in defining the potential pitfalls and risks, opportunities and success factors. Crowdsourcing, polling, video and collaboration exercises allow an audience as large as 1,000 senior leaders to feel as though they are engaged in a conversation. The experience is transformed to feel deeply personal.

Multiply the value of an off-site event, enable effective execution, and generate better results faster by adopting a more innovative approach to your next leadership off-site.

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About the Author: Dave Ackley is a Partner and Head of BTS Digital Services.


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