High-Impact Leadership Development: How Does Your Company Measure Up?

Wednesday, March 07, 2012 | Category :

by Lori Urban

Leading companies around the globe consider leadership development a critical challenge and are making the investment in their future leaders. However, learning and development initiatives at many leading organizations fail to enable strategy execution, drive performance improvements and create business impact. Research shows that around 85 percent of all corporate learning and development programs have an insignificant influence on job performance and the bottom-line.

It’s more important than ever that business leadership be embedded in the leadership curriculum as a key component. In order to be effective, organizations need to move away from traditional learning programs that are often seen as a one-time event, not tied to the corporate strategic agenda and lacking the proper leadership support. These corporate training initiatives are generally defined by a series of ineffective lectures, accompanied by the standard PowerPoint presentations and case studies, delivered by inexperienced trainers or ill-prepared internal speakers. Successful organizations are turning to the use of experiential methodologies like simulations, engage maps and other discovery-based techniques to help accelerate the learning and boost business impact.

We hosted a deminar (demo + seminar = deminar) in New York City last week to demonstrate our leadership development program, Essentials of Business Leadership. The deminar is a way for people to experience world-class experiential learning in action. This event not only highlighted our award-winning and innovative front-line leadership program, but also brought leaders from companies across industries together to engage and share best practices around leadership development at their organizations. The event resulted in lively discussions with a few attendees commenting:

  • The EBL simulation was fun, helpful, and truly opened the door to deep thought and meaningful discussion.
  • I feel the application of this deminar could be extremely helpful to first-time managers!
  • The blended learning approach throughout the program would translate well to keeping Front-Line Leaders engaged.

What steps does your company make to build leadership capabilities? How effective are the programs?

To learn more about our leadership development capabilities, visit: http://www.bts.com/leadership-development.aspx

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About the Author: Lori Urban is a Senior Director at BTS.


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