Simulated Assessments Provide Clarity on The Role

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While reading a recent article by Lee Salz on LinkedIn titled, 3 Reasons Why Companies Fail to Hire Top Sales Talent (, I wasn’t surprised to see that “clarity on the role” was listed as the number one reason.

To expand on the idea of “clarity on the role”, I thought it would be valuable to talk a bit about the technology that exists to paint a clear picture for both the hiring manager and applicant. Job seekers should expect to interact with some form of technology to provide a preview of the desired role. For example, simulated assessments can place candidates into a “day in the life” that replicates the daily interactions of the desired role and focuses on multiple competencies that would be required to succeed in that position.

Companies that are investing in this type of technology as part of the hiring practice are not only able to increase the validity of their hiring process but they are also providing the candidate with the best possible opportunity to determine fit for the role. This approach provides an advantage for companies who are using advanced technology. Participants can assume that if the company has advanced tools in the hiring process, they likely have other advancements that would be available to the candidate if hired.

Is your organization using simulations as part of the hiring process? If not, what tools work well for you?


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