Strategy Execution Framework: Part II, Mindset a Key Enabler of Results

Tuesday, October 25, 2011 | Category :

By Peter Mulford

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Mindset is perhaps the least understood but most important driver of exceptional strategy execution. It is the turbo in the execution engine. Frequently undervalued and dismissed as soft or intangible, mindset is the essential driver of real business results. Winning the hearts and minds of employees leads to emotional commitment around the new strategy and encourages the discretionary effort to make it happen. The result: A strategy is adopted with a sense of urgency and purpose, maximizing the business outcomes.

In the latest video, Peter Mulford, Executive Vice President and Head of the BTS Strategy Execution Practice, discusses how mindset drives exceptional strategy execution and business results.

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About the Author: Peter Mulford is an Executive Vice President and the Head of the Strategic Alignment & Business Acumen Practice at BTS.

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