Strategy Execution Framework Part III: Capability is an Essential Component of Superior Execution

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By Peter Mulford

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The successful implementation of new strategies often requires new skills and capabilities among leaders and employees. The idea of building capabilities to tackle new business challenges isn’t revolutionary. But here’s the surprise: A few capabilities deliver a lot of business impact. This means that rather than engaging in the exhausting task of developing a generic and overly broad competency model, firms can get better results, faster, by targeting and developing a small number of high leverage behaviors that directly affect strategy execution.

Dr. Robert Brinkerhoff, author of High Impact Learning, says, “Accelerating execution through capability building is about identifying and then enabling a few vital behaviors, and accelerating strategic adoption of those behaviors in the few critical roles.” By changing the high leverage behaviors—those behaviors that have the highest value for the firm—we’ve found that almost any business problem, no matter how complex, can be solved.

The following video outlines the necessary capabilities for exceptional strategy execution.

Whether you are executing at the enterprise lever or working on specific initiatives, achieving a strategy's fullest potential requires mastering all three forces—alignment, mindset and capability.

About the Author: Peter Mulford is an Executive Vice President and the Head of the Strategy Alignment & Business Acumen Practice at BTS.

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