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BTS Hosts Leaders from Fortune 500 Companies at Annual Event

A top concern for CEOs globally, effective strategy execution remains one of the biggest challenges for organizations today. So what does it take to execute a strategy successfully and achieve better results faster? How do you build the alignment, mindset and capabilities vital to helping organizations win and grow? How do you move the organization from its current state to where it needs to be to achieve success?

Over the next two days, we look forward to exploring the keys to exceptional strategy execution with leaders from Fortune 500 companies at our annual East Coast Client Conference. Held in New York City, we will focus on both an enterprise-wide and sales force perspective, share points of view, and learn about specific initiatives that have proven successful at premier companies.

Strategy Execution Today & Tomorrow

Companies today typically invest significant time, money and resources in formulating winning strategies that are designed to propel the organization ahead of the competition. All too often, execution becomes an after-thought, considered late in the process.

Organizations commonly rely on traditional execution approaches involving one-way information flows—offsite events, town hall meetings or PowerPoint presentations—from senior leaders to the employees. The senior executives may feel like the strategy is clear and well-communicated, but these methods often fail to make the expected impact.

However, this is beginning to shift. Leading organizations are pioneering innovations and increasingly adopting innovative approaches to actively engage and immerse employees in the company strategy. Over the course of the two-day Client Conference, interactive sessions and keynote presentations from leaders at HP, Citigroup and more will explore what strategy execution will look like in the future.

Also highlighted will be key findings from BTS’s latest research, Cracking the Code: The Secret to Successful Strategy Execution & Lessons for the C-Suite (conducted in partnership with The Economist Intelligence Unit), which explores how to maximize the full potential of strategic initiatives by focusing on the people part of the strategy execution equation.

Role of Leadership in Enabling Success

Among its key findings, BTS’s latest research identifies leaders’ capabilities as the most important predictor of an organization’s ability to execute strategy. Leaders taking a hands-on approach to implementation is proven to pay dividends, enabling strategy to effectively cascade down into an organization.

The conference sessions will closely consider the importance of leadership in strategy execution. Leaders from Bechtel, HP and other leading companies will share critical strategy execution challenges, how to design impactful leadership development initiatives that tie to business results, and specific initiatives that have proven to accelerate capability development and inspire culture transformation.

Real Challenges, Impactful Solutions

Business model transformation. Strategy alignment across a global enterprise. A high-performing sales culture. Cross-business unit collaboration. Exceptional customer satisfaction. Developing business and financial acumen. Culture transformation. Facing these business challenges, how would you enable your company’s success? How would you engage the organization in making the strategy a reality?

Keynote presentations from leaders at Bechtel, Citigroup, Cisco, Google, Hewlett Packard, and more will explore these key topics. We look forward to sharing the insights with all of you.


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