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Within the workplace, do you get more emails, voicemails, or IM’s? What is your preferred method for communication at work? If you aren’t asking yourself why I didn’t list video conferencing, you probably should be.  A recent global survey conducted by Redshift Research on behalf of Polycom, Inc. “found that HR executives who use video at work today say they will prefer video collaboration over email as their top method of business communication within three years.”

Not only is the integration of video communication becoming more common for workday collaboration, video has been integrated into the talent acquisition process as well. For example, Fenestra’s Technology-Enhanced Assessment Center platform can incorporate video-based role playing in assessments to provide a completely virtual experience. Such an approach facilitates face-to-face interaction to replicate important work conversations. It also allows assessors to review/replay role plays when evaluating their candidates. Additional advantages can include reduced candidate travel fees, a broader reach for recruiters, and more productive workflows.

If you find yourself using video conferencing for any professional situation here are a few points to consider before your first attempt:

  • Test Equipment – Make sure you understand how you will connect virtually with the other party and plan for time to walk through any necessary connection steps. Also, adjust the camera to a proper angle. For example, make sure your image isn’t being cut off or showing an odd viewpoint.
  • Body Language – Remember that facial expressions and gestures are live. Depending on the situation, remember to keep your poker face on.
  • Eye Contact – Just as if in-person, make good eye contact. It can be easy to get distracted by other open windows on the computer or perhaps by your surroundings.
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