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By Matt Prostko

Matt Prostko

Recently, I saw an interesting article from a research company focused on human performance. It described the challenge that corporate Learning & Development organizations have in proving a true causal relationship with business results, and subsequently, in defending their positions when results take a turn for the worse. They discuss the derivative nature of learning in the results generated in an organization, but tout new research that shows the long-term correlation between results and strong learning organizations. Now, while data is always nice, no one would argue that if you have an organization committed to learning and maximizing the capacity of their human talent, you will get differentiated results over the long haul. So, what is the problem in defending an obvious competitive advantage?

I believe the problem rests in the design and content focused on in many corporate learning engagements, and is hinted at somewhat, in the article. By focusing primarily on soft skill content, and not helping participants make the connection between skills/behaviors and the results they generate, some corporate learning organizations fan the flames of the fires described in the article.

One thing that drew me to BTS, was the commitment to connecting the learning experience to role execution and ultimately results. The design, content, and delivery of each solution establishes, builds to, and proves the "golden thread" that connects every program element to the high leverage behaviors linked to successful execution and results. BTS builds credibility with the buyer stakeholders, motivates engagement from the participants, and has long-term partner relationships with companies that see results directly linked to learning engagements.

Don't count on "six degrees of separation" when creating and deploying executive development solutions, deliver Results by Design.

To read the article on human performance, visit http://tinyurl.com/78d3bnj.

About the Author- Matt Prostko is a Managing Director at BTS.

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