Sales Transformation Requires a Cultural Change

Thursday, October 06, 2011 | Category :

By Stefan Hellberg

In times of increased price competition and escalating raw material prices, organizations need to stay ahead of the competition by effectively proving value to their customers. In order to defend margins in a tumultuous economy, organizations need to act fast. Starting with the salesforce can be a key step in the process.

Proving value is not always easy. Organizations frequently have long-term business relationships and reward systems for sales employees that tend to cement behaviors and attitudes that derail change. However, changing mindset is a major challenge senior executives face when implementing a new strategy. To successfully prove value, a cultural change is often necessary.

How can you make a cultural change in your organization? Arm your salesforce with the knowledge they need to be successful. Provide the salesforce with an understanding of bottom-line consequences and educate them on what drives customer results. Knowledge provides individuals with the confidence they need to effectively demonstrate the value of the organization to customers. In addition, promote a culture of teamwork – not just around individual teams but across functions and throughout the organization.

A large part of the value an organization offers comes from individuals and teams who have the information. However, in order for individuals to be successful, they need the proper knowledge and tools. This will not only enable the individual’s success but will also ensure long-term business results for the entire organization. It may sound simple, but after supporting a number of companies, we have proved it works.

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