Superior Strategy Execution Starts with Alignment

Monday, October 10, 2011 | Category :

By Peter Mulford

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Can each member of your organization summarize your strategy, and what makes it distinctive, in 30 words or less? If not, there is a missed opportunity to generate better results.

Translating strategy into action is a critical issue for every leader today. In extreme cases, alignment stops with top management while the rest of the organization continues as is or is left to interpret the change to the best of their ability. The main reason for this dysfunctional behavior is the gap that emerges when one or more of the core elements to successful execution are missing.

BTS has developed its E=AMC Strategy Execution Framework. We believe there are three core elements to enable successful execution: AlignmentMindset and Capability.

In the latest BTS video, Peter Mulford, Executive Vice President and Head of the Strategic Alignment & Business Acumen Practice, discusses the role of Alignment in strategy execution.

About the Author: Peter Mulford is an Executive Vice President and the Head of the Strategic Alignment & Business Acumen Practice at BTS.

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