Senior Consultant - Madrid

My name is Sergio and I am a Senior Consultant with BTS Southern Europe & Latam. I’ve designed and delivered Strategy Alignment and Business Acumen programs and have worked closely with top and medium level executives for clients across different sectors and industries including Oil & Gas, Utilities, Technology, Telecom, Banking and Pharma.

I earned my MSc in Industrial Engineering at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM), Spain. Prior to joining BTS, I worked as an instrumentation engineer and for a Spanish consulting firm specializing in R&D and Innovation.

I wanted to be in a company with a great culture and great people."

Why I chose BTS

I was looking for new and bigger challenges to continue learning and developing myself personally and professionally. And I wanted to be in a company with a great culture and great people. I can say that I chose the right place!

What I love about BTS

One of the best things about working at BTS is the people you work with, from the administration department to the Global Partners. You learn from everyone and realize that we are all a big team helping each other. There’s an expression that says, “If you are the smartest perosn in the room, you are in the wrong room." Well, after almost 3 years working here I can say that BTS is the right room.

A Senior Consultant in the Madrid Office

It’s Monday and the week starts, you take the subway and get to the BTS Madrid office, in the city center, this is where the magic happens. We are starting on a new project for a multinational client and there is so much to do. Last week was intense with a lot of client interviews. With all the information gathered, this week is going to be focused on structuring and designing what the solution will look like (the concept).

Conceptualization is a very creative process where the project team, the SME’s, and the partner that manages the account get together and think out what the participant experience will be like, while always keeping in mind what the objectives are (carving the core). During this phase the solution concept for the new program is build, always keeping in mind the final deliverable; a 2-day program for the top management of an international company to help them accelerate the execution of their new strategy!

Conceptualization is a long process and might take a day or two. The result will be a Concept Presentation that will be presented in two weeks to the client. That’s what we call the Concept Presentation and that’s what your team and you will start doing tomorrow.

It’s Tuesday morning at the office and you focus your time to start building the concept presentation based on all the work carried out yesterday. You will probably have to have a meeting with your team to define and coordinate next steps, meaning what the timing, deliverables and final “product” will look like. You also prepare the materials for a delivery (facilitating a workshop for a client) you have tomorrow (yes, it's going to be a very intense but also fun week!), oh and you will need to travel at the end of the day because the program is out of the city.

You continue working with your team to exceed your client expectations"

Wednesday and Thursday look different. You are not at the office, you are in a hotel setting up the room and welcoming participants. To facilitate a 2-day SABA (Strategic Alignment and Business Acumen) program for a senior audience is a huge challenge. Presentations, analyzing results, coaching… But you are not alone; another BTS consultant is working with you. At the end of the second day, you are tired but extremely satisfied. The program has been a huge success, and you managed to have a couple of very interesting conversations with participants about potential opportunities that might help you contribute to expand the account.

Finally, it’s Friday and you are back at the office. You check your email and write a couple of follow-up mails to the participants from the recent delivery on Wednesday and Thursday to try to arrange a sales meeting with them. You also have a meeting with your team about how the concept presentation is progressing. New next steps are defined and you continue working with your team to exceed your client expectations.

It’s been a long week and at the end of the day you decide to go to a bar with some colleagues to have a beer and talk about projects and funny anecdotes. BTSers are great people to be with!

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