BTS Certified Top Enabler of Customer-centric Transformations by DEC

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STOCKHOLM – BTS, a global leading strategy implementation firm, was recently certified by the Asociación para el Desarrollo de la Experiencia de Cliente (DEC) as having one of the best tools in Customer Experience. Among all the applicants, only four companies were awarded certification by the DEC this year: BTS, Bain, EY, and IZO.

DEC Award

BTS won the certification in the category “Accelerators of Customer-centric Organizational Transformation” with its Customer Experience Booster Toolkit. The powerful BTS Customer Experience Booster Toolkit accelerates strategy transformation and enables a culture of customer-centricity in companies of any size and industry. Based on the concepts of Design Thinking and Agile combined with the BTS Great Framework, the components of the toolkit help users discover client needs, apply innovation techniques to improve the customer experience, stimulate idea flow, and experiment with discipline.

BTS designed the toolkit with the belief that customer obsession should be the responsibility of everyone throughout a company, and that this premise should govern all customer experience initiatives. In setting out to build a customer-centric organization, “you have to know the starting situation and what the gaps are to reach your goal. Then you must build alignment; everyone needs to know where they are going and have the desire to get there. You must shift mindsets, and put the client in the center. The Customer Experience Booster Toolkit provides a cutting edge and rapid way for companies to accomplish this," said Marta Zaragoza, Vice President of South and Latin America at BTS, while presenting the toolkit at the DEC presentation event.

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