Stevie® Awards Recognizes Oil and Gas Company for Leadership Learning Journey

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Friday, June 1, 2018, SINGAPORE – A Malaysian Global Fortune 500 company won Gold in the prestigious Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards for their middle manager leadership learning journey, which was designed and delivered together with BTS, a world-leading firm that turns strategy into action. The journey enables middle managers to truly live the new culture that senior executives believe is critical to make the strategy successful.

Leadership Learning Journey award

“Winning this award for Innovation is really exciting and a strong testament that our joint approach is setting new global standards for leadership learning journeys,” says Patrick Fei, Managing Director at BTS Asia.

As a holistic leadership change initiative, the journey prepares all of the 2,000 middle managers for the future by making the culture tangible and the new way of working a natural part of their everyday life.

“The journey is built with the bigger picture in mind of how leaders change their behavior and make decisions that drive stronger business impact. Some of these best practices are well-known, and with the use of digital learning they can be implemented even more effectively. We designed the journey to integrate these best practices and tied them together using a digital platform. This created a powerful and seamless experience for the leaders that was tightly linked to the business focus that the senior executives desired. The initial results are extremely positive and there is clear evidence of significant mindset and behavior shift among the leaders,” explains Patrick Fei.

The key success factors of the journey are:

  • Business relevance. Based on input from senior executives across the organization, the journey design was closely customized to the organization’s strategic priorities, business challenges, cultural context, and future ambitions.
  • The design of the journey. Every step of the journey is linked to the business context and desired business outcomes and each step reinforces the one before. The focus on team-based activities, digital, and gamification significantly raises engagement and puts the accountability back in the hands of the leaders.
  • Experiential learning. By using experiential learning throughout the journey, even in the final hour of each day of the programs, managers were still very enthusiastic and actively participating. Being highly customized, the simulations reflect the true business and people challenges that managers face back on the job.
  • Virtual engagement and discussion forum. The journey leverages virtual and digital solutions to continuously engage the managers over the course of 3 months. Allowing learners to use the same habits as they do on external social media platforms, the virtual forum promotes peer learning and sharing.
  • Support for on-the-job application. Participants join three application calls led by a certified coach with the same six team members that worked together in the face-to-face sessions. Discussing on-the-job application in small teams enabled managers to share their experiences, learn from each other, and form peer coaching networks that extend beyond the classroom.

“We are extremely proud to partner with such an innovative client to drive significant and measurable change among their leaders,” says Patrick Fei.

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