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Our Learning Days are very popular with education leaders, teachers and staff – offering an opportunity to learn some practical tools in an interactive, engaging workshop. They are typically used for whole staff development days, for leadership team retreats or integrated into conferences.

Our Learning Days draw on the latest leadership thinking, including cognitive coaching, neuro linguistic programming, Gestalt psychology and values based leadership. Participants are introduced to each new tool, shown a live coaching demonstration, and then given a chance to try it out through interactive exercises. This experiential workshop-style of learning is very effective in helping participants to apply their learning to solve their real life challenges.

Our facilitators are highly experienced coaches, and are skilled at differentiating the learning to meet different contexts and individual needs. We are very used to working with mixed groups of people, and know how to ensure that everyone has a positive learning experience.

We maintain a ratio of one facilitator for every 20-25 participants, in order to allow a high degree of interaction and individual attention.

These ‘ready to go’ Learning Days meet many of the most common group needs:

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Half Day Workshop

We also offer a wide range of half day workshops across our leadership curriculum. These are often combined to form longer programs. Some of our most popular options are shown below:

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A Learning Day for up to 25 participants costs from AU$2,950+GST; a half day workshop costs from AU$2,000+GST. Travel costs may apply, and we need to charge design costs for customised workshops.

Once you have booked your Learning Day or workshop with us, our Program Manager will work with you to ensure that you are set up for success. Here are some guidelines for planning a successful workshop.

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