Our Partners

Partnering to support leaders

We feel strongly that all education leaders should be able to access quality support and development. So we partner with a wide range of organisations

Schools and Colleges

We work with the full range of school contexts – from small village schools to large urban schools.

Trusts and Networks

We build a common language of leadership and develop talent within networks of schools.

Education Systems

We work with the Institute of Education to support the next generation of leaders.

Professional Associations

We partner with professional associations to offer coaching and workshops to their members.

Not for profits

We enable not-for-profits to build the capability of their leaders through affordable programmes.

We invest in forging strong partnerships with our clients, built on a deep understanding of their needs and policy contexts. Our programmes are highly valued by participants, and we are able to track their impact. We therefore build long-term relationships with our clients and have been working with many clients for over a decade.

Our partners



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