Coaching through COVID-19

Free coaching for NHS and School Leaders through COVID-19

Thanks to the generosity of our brilliant team of coaches, we are delighted to be able to offer some free coaching sessions to support both NHS and school leaders as they deal with the extraordinary and unprecedented challenges presented by the COVID-19 outbreak. The offer is available to all those in leadership roles within the NHS and UK state-funded schools and colleges.

Our coaches are experts in helping people to be at their best in the moments that matter the most, and are highly skilled in helping leaders find a way through the challenges they’re facing. Whether you just need someone to listen while you unload, or would like support with a particular issue or in maintaining your personal resourcefulness, your coach will be guided by your needs. If it’s helpful they will share with you some of our leadership insights and tools, most likely relating to personal resilience and wellbeing, engaging and supporting your team, or leading in uncertainty. All sessions will be completely confidential.

Those who enrol in the programme will be offered two free 60 mins telephone coaching sessions to be scheduled by the end of September. You will then be matched with a qualified, professional leadership coach and given access to our online coaching platform through which you will be able to book your sessions at a time to suit you.

Once you have enrolled you will receive an email giving you all the details and information you need to begin your programme. In the meantime, if you need any further information, please email 

“I can highly recommend this valuable opportunity. My own coaching with BTS Spark has been extremely helpful. My coach is superb. He is clearly highly experienced and knowledgeable and is highly skilled at guiding me through to decision points as well as challenging me at appropriate times. The coaching has allowed me to take a step back, untangle things, see things more clearly and therefore make better, more strategic plans moving forward.” – Susan Douglas, CEO Eden Academy Trust

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