Customised Programmes

Meeting your needs

Whilst most schools use our Ready to Go programmes, we can custom design programmes when needed. We partner with our client colleagues to get clear on how they would like their people to improve their leadership practice as a result of the programme.

We then specially design a programme that will support participants to achieve the desired leadership shift, drawing on our Bitesize Leadership Curriculum. Our programmes embrace quality learning design principles, and maximise on the job learning through 70:20:10. A typical programme lasts several months and will blend any combination of one-to-one coaching, face to face workshops, group coaching, webinars and online learning.

Clients choose tailor made programmes because they need professional development that is specifically targeted at a cohort of people and reinforces their existing leadership models and language. We often weave a programme into their existing meeting structure, delivering our sessions through conference workshops and team meetings.

Here are just a few examples of some customised programmes.

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