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Getting Digital to Accelerate Strategy Alignment

One of the World’s Largest Banks Immerses Leaders in an Innovative Digital Experience—Led by their CEO

As this leading global bank innovates for the years ahead, success depends on effective implementation of the new company strategy and six execution initiatives. To create alignment and ownership among 3,200 Managing Directors, BTS provided a high-impact, interactive digital experience. To maximize engagement, the bank’s CEO and executives led the 3-day session. In the end, the Managing Directors left feeling that, together as a group, they had created the path forward.

“The incredible use of technology in this program has changed the way we come to work and can communicate going forward. We have become more efficient in every sense of the word. It has become a catalyst to bring people together in a cost-effective way.”
-CEO, Global Bank


  • Making Big Feel Small: At each strategy alignment session, 1,000 Managing Directors sat in teams of 6 to 9 with 3 iPads per table. The technology enabled hands-on participation, collaboration and intimacy, despite the large audience.
  • Crowdsourcing Opportunities & Barriers: Teams used iPads to share how the strategy will benefit investors, clients and employees. 500 value statements were pushed back to the group and rated.
  • Strategy Immersion: In an interactive, competitive business simulation, teams practiced executing the real strategic initiatives and experienced the business impact of decisions and actions.
  • Real-Time Action Planning: Teams developed actions to operationalize the strategy, and through crowdsourcing technology, shared 400 actions in just 10 minutes and rated the impact, ease of implementation and originality.
  • On Video: Communicating the Strategy: Managing Directors scripted and produced a video capturing how they would articulate the strategy to direct reports and engage them in execution. The videos were shared, rated, and ultimately presented by the CEO.
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To create alignment among 3,200 Managing Directors, BTS provided a high-impact, interactive digital experience. Discover the impact on the company.

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