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7 Key Talent Challenges in the Energy Industry

Demographic shifts. Accelerated change. Industry volatility. Leaders from Baker Hughes, Bechtel, Chevron, and more shared insights and co-created solutions at an interactive BTS event.
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The oil and gas industry faces challenges in the years to come as large proportions of key talent near retirement. Companies in the industry need to transfer knowledge and build leaders faster than ever before, not only to grow but maintain current operations. In addition, accelerating demand in emerging economies, increasingly tough government terms, challenging resource plays, and competition between international oil companies and national oil companies is redefining the business from upstream to downstream.

Client Results

BTS consultants bring passion and deep industry expertise to deliver high-impact solutions that help clients achieve better results, faster. Read the client success story below to find out how we’ve helped clients meet their strategic objectives.

Accelerating Executive Development at Chevron

As a large integrated energy company, Chevron faces many difficult challenges in order to maintain its’ status as a leader in the space.


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"I was skeptical at first about the value of the simulation, but I am now a strong believer in how much a simulation can provide a rich and efficient learning platform for our high potential leaders."

- John Watson, Chairman & CEO, Chevron

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"The program has shifted minds culturally to accept the need to exploit synergies in the group. It is the catalyst for change."

- Roy Gardner, CEO, Centrica

What We Do

BTS has worked with companies in the energy industry and petro-chemical industry for more than 15 years. Over this time, BTS has built deep, ongoing relationships with companies such as BG Group, Centrica, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, Repsol, and many more key industry players.

BTS provides impactful solutions across the energy value chain at all levels of our clients’ organizations. Our approach is results focused and starts with linking the business objectives to the capabilities, behaviors and skills required to meet those objectives. Our solutions range from designing systems and solutions to transfer knowledge and develop leaders , to creating the capacity to execute on a strategy or business plan, to implementing targeted initiatives.

We are proud to serve leading oil and gas organizations facing the following specific challenges:

Accelerating Strategy Execution

Creating the alignment, mindset and capability among leaders to execute on a strategic initiative whether a new business development methodology, a value chain-based downstream strategy, or a company-wide strategic direction.

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Building Business Acumen

Building the financial acumen skills, market orientation and enterprise-wide perspective to understand what decisions, actions and behaviors drive or erode business performance.

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Leadership Development

The essential “blocking and tackling” skills required from new supervisors to advanced managers including, performance management, coaching, and other leadership capabilities around leading change, leading strategy execution, and more.

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Impactful Capability Development

Developing a progressive and integrated curricula for early leaders through executives that drive the capacity to execute on the company strategy.

Inform Decision-Making and Test Strategies

Developing dynamic war games to inform test the robustness of decisions and strategies in light of changing regulatory and competitive pressures.

In addition, BTS has developed The Oil & Gas Business Simulation. Through the high-impact, customizable program, participating employees develop industry understanding, experience the key business drivers and challenges of the oil and gas business, and develop the capabilities necessary for success.


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