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What is the definition of innovation? And what is digital transformation? At BTS, we help firms capture the benefits of digital technology, speed, innovation, and smart risk-taking by changing the way their people work. Our extensive client work has led us to view innovation as discovering and fulfilling needs in new ways under conditions of uncertainty. And digital transformation is the discipline of re-imaging parts of your business model leveraging digital technology. Based on experience, we firmly believe the skills needed to establish and nurture a culture of innovation and adapt to a new digital way of working can be taught.

Innovation is the discipline of serving needs in new ways that create value. It is a core capability that allows firms to sustain competitive advantage and grow. It is a skill that can be learned, practiced and mastered.

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Creating a Culture for Digital Success: It’s Not Really What You Say or Do

As owners of key levers in business operations, IT leaders can shift the culture to create an environment for successful digital transformation.

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