The Applied Leadership Simulation Creating Agile and Effective Leaders

The Applied Leadership Simulation addresses the development needs of managers in today’s complex, agility rich business environment.

This simulation is an engaging, challenging and robust one-day learning experience that stretches managers to confront complex, highly interwoven performance management and operational issues.

Leadership is an art, not a science. While management and leadership development programs frequently, (and necessarily) break apart management topics into component parts for the purposes of study and capability building, in the actual world of the manager, performance and operational issues come at us in overlapping and multiple concurrent waves. Managers must possess the agility to effectively and rapidly address performance at the same speed in which they experience it.

The Applied Leadership Simulation allows managers the opportunity to synthesize their learning and skills to practice in a rich simulated environment.

Managers greatly influence organizational outcomes and results at both an individual and team level. Research is very clear about the relationship of employee engagement to customer satisfaction and business results. Ultimately, effective performance results are realized by maintaining a balance between a focus on the individual and a focus on the team. Most organizational drivers tend to influence the role of the team and the importance of the team’s contribution. It is up to team leaders to equalize those organizational influences with a similar emphasis on the individual. It is through attending to the specific work-related needs of the individual that the greatest team and organizational payoffs are achieved.

Learning Objectives

Applied Leadership Simulation uses a modularized curriculum designed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Give high potential leaders the leadership and business fundamentals necessary to advance into positions of greater responsibility within the organization
  • Further understanding of business strategy and how participants fit into that vision through:
    • Leadership styles and how to apply when working with others
    • Managing varying levels of performance
    • Using influence, negotiation and problem solving to better manage and grow the business

Ideal “Applied Leadership Scenario” Threads:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Performance Management
  • Leadership Styles
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Agility and Resilience
  • Leadership Competency Framework
  • Managing within cultural unique context (values, culture, etc)

The Applied Leadership Simulation allows managers the opportunity to synthesize their learning and skills to practice in a rich simulated environment.

Program Features:

  • “Discovery driven” adult learning principles with a focus on “leadership and management” are at the core of this solution. The specific leadership/management capabilities learned in the solution are drawn from real world experiences and actual events.
  • Practice of the leadership/management capabilities over a predetermined business cycle usually consisting of three distinct measurement intervals. Through this process, “soft skills” are converted to hard business outcomes so that participants experience the cause and effect of exercising sound leader/manager behavior on the business.
  • Realistic scenarios revolving around a team of 5 “direct reports”, with employee profiles of these team members, designed to align closely with cultural and organizational attributes.
  • Decisions over a multi-year (3 cycle) time frame to balance short term and long term business impact. There is direct business measured “cause and effect” of leadership decisions. Metrics used in the simulation are driven by organizational priorities.
  • Augmented learning through an Insights and Actions segment during which participants reflect on their learning and apply it to an Action Plan as the simulation evolves.

Board Simulation

During a three-round tenure as a manager, participants use an interactive board simulation that guides and directs activity. The simulation is designed to reflect the opportunities and obstacles that one might encounter when managing a team of representatives who must meet product and service requirements as they interact with internal and external customers in their day-to-day work. Participants work with peers as a team, competing against other teams to develop the most successful simulation outcome.

Feedback Sessions

Following each round of simulation, participants receive an analysis that compares team decisions and performance metrics to the decisions and results of other teams. Each feedback session has a different theme and focuses on key learning points. The goals of these sessions are to enhance your understanding of how to engage your people to deliver financial results.

Target Audience

The applications have been constructed for mid-level and front-line leaders.

Current Applications:

  • Medical Services firm chose as a capstone event for multiday front line leadership event.
  • Automobile manufacturing company using to reinforce compliance and employee relations skills for leaders at all levels.
  • A clothing retailer looking to reinforce internal transition to management content.
  • A global mining company seeking to build alignment around mid manager priorities and behaviors.

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