Collaborative Negotiations Simulation

The Collaborative Negotiations™ simulation is an interactive, multi-media learning experience designed to challenge Sales Executives, Account Managers and Sales Managers to develop key negotiating skills and behaviors.

If you are responsible for managing business relationships and increasing profitability, Collaborative Negotiations™ will help you:

  • Improve your negotiations success rate
  • Accelerate strategic opportunity growth
  • Maximize the business value of your opportunities

As you assume the role of an Account Manager, you will negotiate with one strategic account, interacting with your customer and other characters just as you would in the office or in the field. You will check voicemail and e-mail, review data, and meet face-to-face with your customer. Just like the real world, the outcomes of your decisions will impact future events and determine your success. Collaborative Negotiations™ gives you the opportunity to experience these events risk-free, and in a condensed timeframe.

Key Skills

  • Manage a negotiation event from planning to closing
  • Recognize your customer’s negotiating style
  • Analyze data strategically
  • Overcome objections
  • Make strategic decisions
  • Build collaborative partnerships

The Collaborative Negotiations™ simulation is based on BTS’s best practices approach to experiential learning. Just like in the real world, the best course of action will not always be clear. It will be your challenge to weigh the costs and benefits of your actions and decide which best practices will lead you to success

Just like in the real world, the best course of action will not always be clear.

Simulation Goals

As you develop your negotiations skills and behaviors, you will find that the best decisions are ultimately those that best meet the needs of your customers in the following ways:

  • Prove the value of your relationship with your customer
  • Build common ground with your customer
  • Maintain and extend your long-term relationship with the customer
  • Optimize mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Gain acceptance and commitment from your customer

Business Goals

Created as part of an overall performance development event, the Collaborative Negotiations™ simulation is a powerful tool, that when combined with the following components, delivers dynamic results.

The Total Collaborative Negotiations Program:

  • Pre-work
  • Live instructor presentation and large group discussion
  • Collaborative Negotiations™ simulation
  • Case studies
  • Action planning tools
  • Small group exercises

Immediate application of new skills to real world issues and events What you learn from the Collaborative Negotiations program will translate into:

  • Performance Development: Develop key negotiations skills and behaviors that will improve customer satisfaction and increase your opportunity win rate
  • Objective Alignment: Align performance goals with strategic, organizational goals for optimum business value of opportunities
  • Profitability and Productivity: Maximize performance, productivity and profitability for long-term partnership positioning

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