Healthcare System Simulation Industry Understanding Builds Competitive Advantage

To help healthcare organizations compete in the competitive and evolving global world of healthcare, BTS has developed The Healthcare System Simulation.

Through this high-impact program, participating employees develop industry understanding, experience the key concerns and challenges of the healthcare industry, and develop the capabilities necessary for success.

The Program at a Glance

The BTS Healthcare Simulation is a one – day competitive program that introduces the key trade-offs, trends, challenges, and “business” concerns of a healthcare system (a network of affiliated not-for-profit hospitals in partnerships with local clinics and healthcare service organizations). In an interactive learning experience, participants assume the role of the senior leadership of the healthcare system and manage the system from admitting patients through diagnostic and treatment to discharge.

Confronting macroeconomic and microeconomic situations, participants are challenged to grow revenues, shrink costs and optimize staff utilization. The goal is to understand how to maximize margin while ensuring that the organization is living up to its mission of a high quality health care provider.

Throughout the day, participants receive feedback and analysis of their decisions and strategies. At the end of the day, they form action plans to apply back on the job.

Key Issues Covered in the Simulation

In the one-day board based simulation, small teams collaborate, build fundamental capabilities, and practice real-world decision making in a risk-free environment as they reason through how to deal with the following realistic scenarios:

  • Making capital investments and budgeting decisions to improve facilities
  • Minimizing readmissions
  • Managing costs to maintain or improve margins
  • Implementing continuous operational improvements
  • Building the strength of its cardiology and orthopedic practices
  • Forming strong partnerships with local community clinics
  • Optimizing inventory
  • Balancing the system’s “dashboard”: Quality, Patient Satisfaction, Physician Alignment & Employee Engagement, Community Reputation, Payor Mix and Collaboration between affiliates.

Target Audience

The BTS Healthcare System Simulation is intended for two primary audiences:

  • Individual contributor to Director-Level employees within the healthcare industry
  • Organizations with major clients operating in the industry

Workshop Objectives

After successfully completing the high-impact experience, participants are able to understand healthcare system dynamics, general trends and challenges; how these factors relate to individual roles, day-to-day operations and the organization’s success; and the relating decisions that drive results.

Through The BTS Healthcare Simulation, participants will have the capabilities to:

  • Articulate the key strategic and financial challenges facing a healthcare system
  • Impact business and financial performance through understanding key value drivers such as operating margin
  • Apply market orientation and customer awareness
  • Enhance cross-functional and cross-business effectiveness through improved collaboration and communication

Through The BTS Healthcare System Simulation, participating employees recognize the drivers of key performance indicators and have an overall big picture understanding of the industry, the system and the critical interrelationships."

Implementation and Customization

The BTS Healthcare System Simulation includes know-how sessions, debriefs, group discussions, problem solving exercises and action-oriented team activities for further reinforcement. To maximize relevance and ensure application, the simulation can be highly customized to meet a client’s specific objectives and strategic priorities. Customization includes nearly all aspects of the simulation including terminology, organizational structure and issues, key performance indicators, and learning objectives.

The BTS Healthcare System Simulation can be used as a standalone program or supplemented with additional solutions to reinforce the skills most critical to a healthcare system’s specific needs. To achieve the full impact of the design, the recommended implementation process includes pre-work, a pre-meeting with managers, the core workshop, and rigorous post-program coaching.

Experiential Learning that Delivers Key Results

Through The BTS Healthcare System Simulation, participating employees recognize the drivers of key performance indicators and have an overall big picture understanding of the industry, the system and the critical interrelationships. The best practice is for participant’s managers to meet with the participants ahead of the session, so they can draw a line of sight to the intended outcomes and manage accountability for application on the job. Armed with improved capabilities and actionable items, participants accelerate results once back on the job.

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