Hospital Simulation Understanding Key Trade-Offs, Trends and Challenges

Program Overview

The BTS Hospital Simulation provides a holistic view of the entire value chain of a hospital, from attracting better paying managed care patients to decreasing average length of stay and reducing medical costs.

The solution helps individuals better understand key trade-offs, trends, and challenges that not-for-profit hospitals and healthcare organizations face attempting to balance “mission vs. margin” objectives.

The BTS Hospital Simulation employs a unique approach to learning that places participants in a number of challenging, realistic scenarios. By reasoning through these scenarios, participants draw on their experiences as well as those of their peers to learn and adopt the behaviors that will enable them to manage their business more successfully. After each year of the simulation, feedback and analysis of the team’s results is presented to demonstrate the outcome of the various strategies at play.

Faced with relevant and high-impact business challenges, teams strive to maximize operating margins and patient satisfaction while managing various internal and external stakeholders. Participants assuming the position of the executive team must formulate a strategy and prioritize investments in a quest to generate the greatest improvement on the overall financial health of the organization.

The solution can be used as a stand-alone program or as a module in a more extensive training program.


This solution is intended to provide employees with an improved understanding of how the operational decisions they make within their departments and/or divisions affect “the big picture” and where they can have the greatest impact on bottom line improvements, strategic alignment, and decision making.

In addition, participants will learn how to maximize effectiveness and confidence of consultants and salespeople who are working with healthcare organizations. With an enhanced understanding of the pain points, trade-offs, and trends faced by their clients, those working with healthcare organizations are better able to understand and describe the value created and business problems solved by their solutions in the client’s language.

Key Learning Points

Managing and understanding:

  • In-Patient and Out-Patient care flow
  • Payer mix
  • Average length of stay
  • Patient care staff utilization
  • Cost structure
  • Patient growth
  • Bed occupancy
  • Employee Retention
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Quality

To understand key trade-offs, trends, and challenges that not-for-profit hospitals and healthcare organizations face attempting to balance “mission vs. margin” objectives.

Dealing with unforeseen events and issues in the healthcare industry:

  • Inventory control
  • Capital investments
  • Decreasing margins
  • Quality concerns
  • Surgeon turnover

Investing in “Strategic Initiatives” to improve operations:

  • Reduce medical costs
  • Work more closely with insurers to improve cash flow
  • Implement Six sigma
  • Grow a service line (Cardiology or Orthopaedics)

In working with BTS, I discovered that there are still providers out there who actually do take the time to not only listen to the client but anticipate their needs and potential challenges. With every twist and turn in the process of customizing the business acumen learning solution for our hospital, BTS provided superior guidance, follow-through, and professional service, from inception to pilot to completion.”

Amy LaRose, Organizational Development - North Carolina Baptist Hospital

Learning Outcomes

For Healthcare Organizations

  • Facilitate an increased focus on improved financial performance and understanding of key value drivers
  • Provide an improved market orientation and customer awareness
  • Enhance cross-functional and cross-business effectiveness by improved collaboration and communication
  • Create understanding and stimulate discussion around important challenges faced by the organization

For an organization serving a Healthcare Organization as a client

  • Improve credibility with clients by understanding the key factors and considerations that drive their decisions
  • Identify opportunities through a more thorough understanding of the interdependencies in the value chain
  • Conduct relevant and insightful conversations with clients about industry trends and the implications of those trends on their businesses
  • Solve business problems by aligning offerings and assets with the client’s challenges
  • Describe commercial value of solutions in the same language and with the same understanding as your clients

Target Group

  • Individual contributor to Director level employees within hospitals and healthcare organizations
  • Organizations with hospitals or healthcare organizations as major clients

Sample Clients

  • North Carolina Baptist Hospital
  • Smith & Nephew
  • Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

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