iLead Challenge Simulations Reinforcing the Critical Skills Necessary for Effective Leadership

In today’s competitive business environment, leadership development is more critical than ever. Effective leaders execute better and deliver longterm business results across all levels of an organization.

According to a recent CEO Challenge Report by the Conference Board, human capital is recognized as the second most critical challenge for organizations globally.1 Moving forward, with talent constraints in the external market, CEOs are focused on growing talent internally through leadership- and employee-development programs.

To help companies accelerate the development of great leaders, BTS has created an innovative series of online iLead Challenge Simulations. These are immersive, video-based business simulations that feature important leadership moments. Participating employees make critical decisions and apply leadership skills to manage simulated team members and navigate challenging, realistic situations.

The Program at a Glance

The iLead Challenge Simulations range from twenty minute standalone challenges to two hour multi-round scenario simulations. Delivery is flexible; the simulations can be done online as a self-paced program or delivered as a powerful one-day team-based classroom learning experience. Facilitator-led debriefs, crowd-sourcing exercises and individually-generated content allow participants to share their experiences, learn from each other and get more engaged in a new way of working.

Each challenge simulation uses an engaging, cinematic storyline to address key leadership topics, reinforce best practices and further build the skills critical to leading teams to success on the job. With direct iLead ChallengeTM Simulations Reinforcing the Critical Skills Necessary for Effective Leadership feedback integrated throughout the experience, decision choices generate character reactions, lead to unique events and impact key performance indicators (such as organizational value, team satisfaction and trust, and team productivity).

The program enables participants to engage team members and retain top talent through coaching; identify the root cause of performance gaps; navigate potentially difficult conversations with employees; recognize how engagement can impact performance; apply different motivators; overcome resistance to change; and enable team members to adapt to new priorities.

Key Issues Covered in the Simulation

In the simulated experiences, participating employees are introduced to best practices around performance management, coaching delegation, team development and building engagement. Participants then get to practice real-world decision-making in a risk-free environment to lead their simulated team to success. The five standard challenge modules cover the following topics:

Challenge 1: Managing Performance

  • Motivating team members who struggle to adapt to new priorities
  • Maintaining productivity during times of change
  • Driving towards a performance-based culture and achieving organizational goals

Challenge 2: Coaching and Feedback

  • Coaching to higher levels of performance
  • Overcoming resistance to change and managing team dynamics
  • Leading through challenging situations and developing high-performers

Challenge 3: Coaching for Consistency

  • Effectively coaching managers of others in the area of consistent people leadership
  • Establishing the value proposition of adhering to organizational policies and processes
  • Communicating the importance of tailoring leadership approaches to personality styles

Challenge 4: Delegation and Team Development

  • Delegating to develop the team and generate improved business results
  • Coaching for higher levels of engagement and the retention of top talent
  • Emphasizing long-term development as critical to effective career building

Challenge 5: Engaging Team Members

  • Recognizing how engagement can impact performance, and identifying the root cause of a performance gap
  • Identifying when team members are disengaged and best practices to re-engage them
  • Balancing long-term individual and team objectives

These five modules are relevant for most clients and industries and integrate easily into larger leadership development programs. The HTML based design allows the simulations to be adaptive and compatible across devices. These modules come in multiple languages and have single player, team-based and virtual options.

Target Audience

The iLead Challenge simulations are intended for new or experienced frontline or middle managers, but are very versatile and have been used for senior leaders.

Implementation and Customization

The iLead Challenge Simulations can be used as a standalone program or to build, sustain and bridge learnings in a broader, blended leadership development program. Within a broader, blended leadership development program, the iLead Challenge Simulations further build leadership skills, sustain momentum, and bridge learning experiences. To achieve the full impact of the design, the recommended implementation process includes a debriefing and dialogue with managers to support application on the job.

Part of the flexibility of this digital platform is its ability to be customized at varying degrees based on specific client needs. For the iLead Challenge Simulations, BTS offers two levels of customization: (1) text edits and minor client branding, and (2) personalized key performance indicators, storylines, and decision types/branching.

Experiential Learning that Delivers Key Results

Through the Pharmaceutical Business Simulation, participating employees recognize the drivers of key performance indicators and have an overall big picture understanding of the industry, the company and the critical interrelationships. The best practice is for participant’s managers to meet with the participants ahead of the session, so they can draw a line of sight to the intended outcomes and manage accountability for application on the job. Armed with improved capabilities and actionable items, participants accelerate results once back on the job.

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