Moments-based Leadership Simulations

Leadership is relentlessly contextual. It is not about leading in any business, it’s about leading in your business.

To help leaders learn how to best lead in your business, we’ve created Moments-based Leadership Simulations, based on the BTS Great Framework. Our flagship leadership development platform, this approach is designed to provide highly relevant experiences for leaders to learn and practice key leadership skills and capabilities in a highly realistic environment and drive home a consistent way of leading.

Moments-based Leadership Simulations at a Glance

Moments-based Leadership Simulations center on the pivotal moments a leader faces day-to-day on the job within your organization. Participants enter a storyline that is true to life and encounter challenges based on real-life situations, tradeoffs and choices. In each of these pivotal moments, participants work through a number of decision choices – some good, some sub-optimal, and some great, as identified through a series of interviews with a steering committee and leaders who exemplify “great” practices and behaviors.

By practicing these choices in a realistic environment and seeing what ‘great’ looks like in each of these situations, leaders get to quickly experience the impact of their actions and get to ‘great’ far more safely and efficiently than they would through on the job experimentation.

The simulation experience is run as a team-based in-person or virtual workshops. The platform is extremely flexible for a variety of applications, ranging from short one- to two-hour modules for delivery in large conference events or in virtual sessions to one- or two-day or longer programs within a global leadership curriculum. The typical experience consists of 2-3 simulation rounds, feedback and reflection to help participants see the cause and effect of their decisions and behaviors, and know-how sessions for deep skill building. The moments-based leadership simulation experience is not a standalone event; participants are prepared for the experience with a pre-work case study, practice, and then apply learnings back on the job after the program with facilitated peer coaching calls and a series of practical “Go Do” actions.

Rating: 10. I thought it was a great learning experience, very interactive and informative. Able to see different perspectives and connect the dots on how the focuses are influenced.


Driving Results

While the targeted impacts vary, sample objectives from the experience include:

  • Articulating the manager’s role in building and sustaining the culture
  • Planning and executing for outcomes while leveraging their teams effectively
  • Setting SMART goals that are aligned with company objectives
  • Using an influencing model to connect themselves and the team across the organization
  • Making high quality decisions that build alignment and engagement
  • Understanding their personal style and differing styles of communication
  • Leveraging their personal style and differing styles of communication
  • Applying the GROW model to deliver coaching and resolve employee conflicts
  • Developing capabilities within their team

Participant Testimonials

  • "The simulation did what we wanted it to do and delivered in spades – it was the highlight of the day. Participants gave lots and lots of great feedback – 96% rated the sim good to excellent. They are super pleased.“
  • "Very interactive! Challenged our ability to assess situations and provided a different insight on how we can make the best decisions."
  • "The session gave me the confidence as well as the skills I needed to take control of my career. The session provided me with a strong sense of belonging.“
  • "I will never think about this challenge as someone else’s responsibility. This course has changed my life.“
  • "...It was so interesting to be sitting at the table with a huge cross section of people... I feel like we can make better management decisions with the financial bottom line in mind, helping to drive better overall results for our company as a whole."
  • "The training touched upon many of the critical day to day scenarios that we as managers face."
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