Maximizing Project Success


Failed projects cost U.S. businesses over $145 billion annually, often as a result of insufficient organizational support for project management best practices.

To turn these failures into successes and increase shareholder value, BTS has created Maximizing Project Success, an online learning solution that enables companies to support and execute projects more efficiently and effectively

BTS’s Maximizing Project Success solution addresses the following project related business issues:

  • Lack of upper management support for projects
  • Ineffective project planning
  • Poor team development
  • No standard processes
  • Insufficient customer and end-user involvement

An organization is the sum of its projects. Senior management and other key stakeholders must support these projects to ensure that they are successful and contribute to the organization’s bottom line.


A simulation-centric learning solution, BTS’s Maximizing Project Success focuses on real-world business issues so as to increase competencies, rather than simply build skills. The program allows users to interact in a risk-free, simulated environment supported by valuable resources and tools to help them on the job. Maximizing Project Success also provides individuals with tailored feedback based upon their specific role within the organization. Maximizing Project Success is a unique learning experience that serves as a just-in-time solution for accessing project-related resources as needed.

Maximizing Project Success targets individuals at all levels of the organization, including:

  • Senior Executives, Vice Presidents of Project Management, Directors of a Project Office and Project Sponsors
  • Project Team Members and Contributors
  • Representatives from functional areas such as Accounting, Sales and Human Resources, etc.


Using Maximizing Project Success, organizations will learn how to:

  • Gain upper management support for projects
  • Plan projects effectively
  • Successfully develop a core team
  • Follow standard project processes
  • Involve customers/end-users during the project process

As a result, Maximizing Project Success empowers individuals to know when to support projects, how to support them, and why it is critical to do so. By transforming an organization’s project environment, Maximizing Project Success helps companies decrease project costs and/or increase revenue from successful project outcomes, thereby improving overall profitability.

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