Products Simulation Manage for Long-Term Success

In the Products simulation, participants manage a fictional company for long-term success. The program gives individuals an opportunity to experience the difficulties and challenges faced by a products-based business in a competitive environment.

How It Works

During the simulation workshop, participants work together in management teams to overcome their company’s poor record of financial and operating performance. As senior management, they define a mission statement, develop broad-based objectives, identify goals, and create business strategies to accomplish these goals. Throughout the simulation, participants make decisions on every phase of business operations ranging from marketing to operations and finance. Decisions are based on results from previous years, strategic and tactical plans, and participants’ analysis of the competition and marketplace.

Annual reports, trade journals and pro-forma financial statements are also produced to help participants analyze their decisions, take corrective actions, and examine their industry stance.

Simulation Benefits

By experiencing the Products simulation, participants can explore new ideas and implement different decisions in a variety of realistic business scenarios. Through discussion and rapid feedback, they immediately see the impact of their strategic and tactical decisions on company operations, refine their analytical skills, and practice planning and problem-solving techniques.

Products Business Simulation

Key Simulation Issues

  • Product differentiation
  • Resource management
  • Cost reduction
  • Debt/equity financing
  • Pricing
  • Market expansion
  • Total quality management
  • Cross-functional issues
  • Service management
  • Capacity planning
  • Cash management
  • Product mix
  • Promotion
  • Customer focus
  • Vendor selection

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