Project Environment Assessment Tool

A Supportive Organizational Environment is the Key to Execution Success…

Project and initiative management success depends on an organization’s project environment. Many industry leading companies that depend on projects and initiatives to execute strategy are quickly learning that success hinges on a well-developed process that is supported by senior management. PEAT™ – the Project Environment Assessment Tool – enables organizations to assess the current environment and understand what actions and behaviors are necessary to realize initiative and project success linked to strategy.

PEAT Captures Information From All Levels of the Organization…

Project and initiative managers, sponsors, team members, senior leaders, and other contributors are asked to respond to a 72-item Web-based survey instrument. PEAT™ also includes an open-ended question that asks users to state the most important thing that can be done to improve the management of projects and initiatives. When compiled with the data from the other 72 questions, organizations have a complete picture of the project and initiative environment and can build an action plan for positive change.

PEAT™ offers feedback reports on how well the company scored against best-in-class project management organizations from around the world. The benchmarked companies including Hewlett-Packard, 3M, IBM, Chevron, Boeing, NCR, and Motorola have been recognized as leaders in best practice project and initiative management.

Organization Support 107 Surveys

Items for Evaluation Evaluation Average Benchmark Average Benchmark Gap Standard Deviation
The organization will reward the team members if they are successful on projects.  (71) 3.62 5.09 -1.47 2.28
A consistent project management process is used on these projects.  (95) 4.55 5.61 -1.06 2.11
'Project Leader' is a recognized job title in this organization.  (92) 5.22 6.14 -0.92 2.45
The organizational reward system supports teamwork on projects.  (78) 3.69 4.55 -0.85 2.26
These projects have a single project leader appointed.  (93) 5.74 5.92 -0.18 2.26
Average 4.64 5.64 -0.99  


PEAT™ provides senior management with quantitative data describing how the environment supports or inhibits successful behavior that drives project and initiative execution. PEAT™ analyzes these key business issues:

  • The alignment of projects and initiatives with strategy
  • The degree that upper management supports projects and initiatives
  • How well the project planning process is followed
  • The state of communication and stakeholder management
  • How well the organizational support and reward systems reinforce best practices

Key Benefits of PEAT

PEAT™ was created in conjunction with Dr. Robert J. Graham, PMP. Graham is a well-known project management expert and co-author of Creating an Environment for Successful Projects. PEAT™ is based upon the extensive research done for this book and is aligned with the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).

Best Practice Feedback

PEAT™ is designed to identify gaps in an organization’s support for effective management of projects and strategic initiatives. The report generated from the data includes a document with suggestions on how to close gaps as identified by the survey. The document provides feedback on how to improve the environment to better support success for those who are accountable and responsible for the results of an initiative, program, or project portfolio. BTS also offers a workshop to help interpret the results of the survey and turn insights into constructive action.

One of the early steps [in determining how well our project process was being accepted and deployed within the company] was our participation in the Project Environment Assessment Tool (PEAT™)...

Judd Kuehn Asset Development Consultant Project Resources Company Chevron Corporation

Key Simulation Issues

  • Business ecosystems
  • Value creation
  • Cross-organizational processes
  • Strategy development
  • Organizational alignment
  • Group dynamics
  • Change management
  • Risk management
  • Partnering
  • Resource and asset management

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