Run the Business Learn the Market Dynamics of an Industry

How can organizations quickly and effectively bring business knowledge to their workforces?

BTS’s Run the Business is a perfect introduction to the market dynamics of an industry and the fundamental business decisions behind running an organization or business unit. The simulation provides workforces with a better understanding of the key factors in their particular markets. The program is also a powerful way to provide sales forces with a better appreciation of the industry dynamics facing their customers.

The Simulation at a Glance

Run the Business is a two-hour business simulation in which participants run a company, division or business unit. Participants must research the market, set goals, tackle challenging situations, and plan and execute business decisions. Those who meet customer needs in the most efficient manner will grow their business profitably. Results and feedback are provided at the end of each round, describing how the participants performed in the market and the impact of their decisions on key performance indicators, growth and profitability. The simulation can be run in teams or solo, in workshops or online, in mini-tournaments or large-scale deployments.

Key Issues Covered in Run the Business

Participants will be able to:

  • Practice real-world decision-making in a risk-free environment
  • Increase understanding of the business model of an industry
  • Discover the most important drivers of profitability
  • Recognize the role a company’s products and services play in the marketplace, and how solutions help clients reach specific business goals, growth and profitability
  • Develop the confidence required to make effective business decisions, collaborate with others and hold meaningful client conversations
  • Appreciate the key pressures and challenges of top management and buyers

Implementation and Customization

Run the Business can be self-paced or team-based (virtually or in the classroom). Participants compete for market share against computer-based competitors and achieve a final score based on overall performance.

The simulation incorporates real-life business decisions in an engaging, realistic and safe environment. Integrated mini-tutorials ensure that participants connect decisions to business concepts. Business planning decisions, events and initiatives can be customized.

Run the Business is flexible enough to be customized for any industry. Customized versions have been created for call centers, consumer goods sales and distribution, engineering, and restaurant/hospitality leadership.

Standard simulations are available for the following industries:

  • Manufacturing – available in nine languages
  • Construction – available in four languages
  • Medical devices – available in English

Target Audience

Run the Business is intended for any level in the workforce or sales force to help clarify industry dynamics and challenges.


This simulation gives our channel partners first-hand experience with the mindset of C-level executives and a better understanding of how to sell business solutions.”

So far the results are very impressive. Based on pre- and post- surveys, 40-85% of the reps who went through the program felt comfortable with the new approach and accompanying terminology and the number of sales personnel and reps who called on directors or higher in customer firms has increased 27-45%. We are now expanding the program.”

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