Strategy Simulations Build the Strategic Thinking to Execute the Company Strategy

How can you foster collaboration and build strategic alignment among leaders in just a few hours?

A BTS Strategy Simulation is a customized online program challenging participants to create common goals across business units and make decisions that support sustainable growth. Participants are scored on a combination of high-level, long-term business performance indicators, such as talent engagement, customer satisfaction and revenue. These engaging simulations promote strategic thinking, teamwork and a deeper understanding of the big picture. Ideal for organizations undergoing change, these simulations also apply to complex, dynamic environments that rely on stakeholder alignment. Strategy Simulations allow users to project future outcomes, assess the impact of decisions and ideas in action, and receive immediate feedback. The rich, multidimensional experience is compelling, memorable, and (dare we say) fun.

Target Audience

Executives and emerging leaders.

Building and Executing a Strategy Sim

BTS customizes each Strategy Simulation to meet the real-world pressures and objectives of an organization. Strategy Simulations range in scope from a self-paced program that a participant can complete in less than an hour to a full-day, classroom-delivered solution led by a skilled facilitator. The foundation of the simulation is a matrix design structure that provides a combination of complexity and simplicity so that participants are challenged at the right level.

Simulation Features

Each simulation unfolds though a series of events, triggered by elapsed time, previous decisions or current score. This non-linear design ensures a diversity of experiences and outcomes. Participants are required to manage a variety of decisions and situations, including:

  • Investments: Deciding how to allocate limited resources
  • Information Updates: Adjusting a strategy in response to market conditions and other unforeseen developments
  • Events: Responding to crises and unplanned events
  • Opportunities: Considering new growth and revenue areas, and the costs involved
  • Meetings: Virtual client and regulator meetings that reveal new information and opportunities based on actual performance in the simulation

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the organization’s strategy to real-life, relevant situations
  • Gain insight into the organization’s big picture and evolving industry trends
  • Develop agile thinking and proactively lead change
  • Collaborate more effectively across business units and align priorities

About BTS

BTS focuses on the people side of strategy, working with leaders at all levels to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions and deliver results. At our core, we believe people learn best by doing. For 30 years, we’ve been designing fun, powerful experiences™ that have profound and lasting impact on people and their careers. We inspire new ways of thinking, build critical capabilities and unleash business success.
It’s strategy made personal.

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