We cascaded the entire Symphony-based goal-setting process throughout the world with more than 1,000 professionals in 45 days.”

Vice President, Beverage Company

Symphony provides managers with a common language and systems-thinking approach to leading effectively, especially during periods of change. This experiential program utilizes discovery learning methods to equip managers with the tools and skills needed to assess, plan, and manage individual and team performance.

Program outcomes

Through the program experience, participating leaders will have:

  • A flexible management system that adapts to inherent differences between performers
  • Multiple tools to address diverse potential performance issues
  • A process for managing change and implementing new strategies by improving alignment through clear expectations, bi-directional dialogue and mutual accountability
  • A common language and consistent management to increase consistency, engagement and productivity across an organization


  • One full day, typically
  • 10-300 participants
  • Includes know-how sessions, debriefs, group discussions, problem solving exercises, and action-oriented team activities
  • Case study, tools, and program materials may be customized to reflect a particular market, product or service
  • Pre-work, a pre-meeting with managers, and a rigorous post-program coaching reinforces the core workshop experience

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