Why Finance Matters™ Accelerating Your Business Acumen

Accelerating Your Business Acumen

Regularly cited as a top CEO priority, strategy execution remains a challenge for many organizations today. Research reveals that companies achieve a fraction of the financial results envisioned during the strategy’s development. How much of this reality can be attributed to an organization’s lack of business acumen?

Based on a survey of over 300 senior corporate leaders conducted by The Economist Intelligence Unit, the research report reveals that insufficient business skills frequently limit an organization’s ability to achieve strategic priorities. 65% of surveyed leaders agreed that a lack of business acumen limits strategy execution within their organization.

Business acumen strengthens understanding of business strategies, contributes to successful implementation and ultimately improves financial performance. While most corporations recognize business skills as necessary, companies typically struggle to define and develop it across the organization.

The Program at a Glance

BTS’s Why Finance Matters™ is designed to build the financial acumen needed to make sound business decisions and drive bottom line results. Combining finance-related topics with engaging multimedia components, the robust mobile and connected program leverages our world class learning methodology, mobile platform, and patented expertise.

Why Finance Matters™ enables continuous, high-impact learning and provides users with an on-demand approach that is tailored to their needs and development through:

  • More than 100 five-minute topics and tools
  • Flexible and personalized learning application paths
  • A device agnostic web-app interface
  • Gamification elements

Through the interactive experience, Why Finance Matters™ enables all users, even those who are intimated by the “language of business” to build the financial understanding critical to linking strategic initiatives to value creation.

Designed for Impact

Why Finance Matters™ is learner driven. Users can either follow a recommended path through the content or create their own journey based on their individual and organizational needs. Featuring interactive exercises and multimedia examples, Why Finance Matters™ enables users to freely explore the interrelationships between financial concepts (such as revenue, profit and the cash cycle) by searching for key topics or following expert recommendations and engaging in targeted learning activities. Pre-assessments augment learning, enabling the solution to auto-suggest learning paths based on an individual’s preference, skill level and interest. The connected, modular nature of Why Finance Matters™ supports continuous content updates and improvements – enabling the system to integrate up-to-date market information and the financial best-practices that are most relevant to your organization.

Module Examples

Broken down into a series of modules, the topics range from introductory concepts to more advanced financial analysis.

  • Introduction to Financial Statements
  • Financial Reporting and the Cash Cycle
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • ROI Fundamentals
  • Economic Profit
  • Investment Analysis
  • Shareholder value
  • Risk and Return
  • Incremental Cash Flow
  • Calculating NPV
  • Business Case

Program Features

  • Short, modular, interconnected content – perfect for busy professionals
  • Accessible on mobile, tablet and PC devices
  • Personalized paths, records and progress
  • Accumulate points and unlock more advanced topics
  • Best-in-class interactive design and multimedia elements ensure user engagement
  • MBA-caliber business and financial acumen content
  • Ongoing access to frequent content updates and enhancements

Target Audience

Why Finance Matters™ is designed as a core finance program geared toward professionals across industry sectors with limited finance experience. Through the impactful experience, leaders are equipped with the financial know-how to develop sound business plans and budgets and understand the effects of daily decisions on company performance.

Experiential Learning that Delivers Key Results

Through Why Finance Matters™, participating employees develop the knowledge and tools to understand bottom line accountability, apply financial techniques to everyday decision-making, and drive results back on the job.

About BTS

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