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The Keys to Key Account Management

How XY Selling Accelerates Your Top Accounts

Why Would Companies Increase Their Costs and Decrease Their Margins?

Companies do it every day in the interest of serving their best customers. They establish “key account programs” that provide additional dedicated resources to top customers while at the same time offering those same customers their biggest discounts, all in the name of increasing volume.

The struggle is that many key account programs generally do not deliver on company expectations. Why? It all comes down to the behavior of key account managers.

Our latest whitepaper explores what defines excellence in key account management today, the sales behaviors critical to maximizing results, and solutions that will drive volume growth going forward.

Key Account Management Behaviors are Different

Great salespeople don’t always make great sales managers. And great salespeople don’t always make great key account managers. Key account management requires the fundamental behaviors required in today’s sales environment, plus an additional set of behaviors that are critical in guiding teams:

  • Deep knowledge of the customer’s business, how the company makes money and the key tradeoffs
  • Demonstrating value in a customer-centric manner
  • Collaborating to create unique offerings to meet the customer’s business needs
  • Helping the customer advance to the next phase of the buying process
  • Leading the key account team to drive a coordinated approach to the account
  • Creating and executing account opportunity and territory plans, ensuring successful achievement of the plan

Key account management programs are less than fully successful because key account managers fall short in particular behaviors.

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Explore how to drive better results in your key account programs, the critical sales behaviors for key account managers, and common skills gaps inhibiting success.

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“Understanding behavior gaps begins to suggest the solution. But sales leaders responsible for key account management programs want to know what they can do to drive better results. A few specific actions can make a big impact on results. Results like: greater access to the C-suite; faster customer decision processes; and accelerated volume growth.”

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