Transforming Your Leadership Off-Site

October 22, 2015 | Manhattan, New York 
11:00AM - 1:30PM

Pera Mediterranean Brasserie
303 Madison Ave, between 41st & 42nd Streets


Make strategy personal through digital-enabled experiences that align, engage, and energize participants

We are pleased to invite you to a BTS event on Transforming Your Leadership Off-Site, on October 22nd in New York City. We look forward to sharing our point of view and together exploring our immersive, interactive digital experiences that transform the way people participate in events, leading to accelerated strategy execution and improved business results. To bring these concepts to life, we will share with you the story of one of our clients - one of the world's largest banks - and how they used a digital solution to turn strategy into action.

This leading global bank came to BTS with a challenge: to align leaders in order execute the company strategy in an efficient, effective, collaborative and ethical way while driving value for key stakeholders. BTS developed a solution: a high-impact, interactive digital experience to create alignment and ownership of the company’s new strategy among 3,200 managing directors. This innovative program, delivered in three sessions with around 1,000 participants each, leveraged BTS' Digital Platform to deeply engage participants in a two-way dialogue that allowed them to voice their opinions and shape the organization’s path forward.

Through digital enablement, this client's program became truly transformative for participants. At BTS, we believe that meaningful results are achieved through a journey of learning, development and execution. The best way to make sure your off-site events and conferences effectively jump-start this journey is to increase participant engagement and “make big feel small." Digital solutions connect ideas, people and actions, effectively accelerating knowledge sharing, energizing participants, and multiplying an event's impact. By engaging every participant on a personal level, you build a sense of autonomy, mastery, and purpose that increases individual alignment to your strategy and sets up your organization for success.

At this event, you will hear about this client's success and learn about the proven best practices in making off-site events highly effective. We promise a stimulating experience with interesting colleagues, good food, and of course, some fun. We hope to see you there!

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