Sales Enablement Conference
Sept 14-15, 2016
Austin, TX

Register Now! September 14-15, 2016

The 2016 BTS Sales Enablement Conference

We have a bold proposition: we think we can make serious progress on 3 major sales enablement priorities or challenges in 2 days in Austin. Even bolder, we think we can have a lot of fun doing it.

On September 14-15, we're bringing the smartest people we know together for a working session on the most important issues we all face.

For us, what's already been achieved is the starting point, so we'll be infusing our best new ideas and solutions, and having clients and friends present their coolest work as well.

But our focus will be on creating new approaches and experiments to make the lives of salespeople better, and to help our organizations and customers be more successful.

To achieve our (admittedly audacious) goal, we'll be bringing together a diverse set of tactics, experts and resources:

  1. Uncovering what really matters to the sales enablement community. (we'll need your input on the registration form)
  2. Interactive design thinking and innovation workshop, courtesy of the BTS Innovation Practice.
  3. A creative indoor-outdoor space on Lady Bird Lake.
  4. Insights on creating breakthrough solutions or solving problems, from BTS clients and friends.
  5. Our latest solutions that are moving sales enablement forward.
  1. BTS research on what best practices lead to outperformance in sales enablement functions.
  2. An inside look at how we're innovating with clients to drive in-field execution.
  3. A keynote on applying the Multipliers leadership framework to sales leadership.
  4. As much of Austin's nature and nightlife as we can get in one day.
  5. Smart people (this means you!) from awesome organizations like: AT&T, Microsoft, Nike, Google, HP, UPS, and more

We hope to see you there!

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